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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paul is a conundrum!

Paul is a conundrum!

Galatians 1:13-23

Paul reminds the people of Galatia of his past to help them see and understand how God has changed him. He also does it to help them understand that he knows what they are hearing about keeping the law. He himself was a master law keeper. But the old way is not the way of Jesus. Prophesy was fulfilled in Jesus and now salvation comes through Faith in Christ, which was not just for the Jews.

In verse 23 Paul talks about going to a church who was scared of him-rightly so! I think I would have been a bit intimidated by Paul. A killer turned into a grace giver! What a conundrum!

It is interesting to me that in this first chapter Paul talks about Jews, and Gentiles and how he was on the outs with both groups. When God called Paul it was a miracle. So very interesting that He picked Paul. The transformation that happened in Paul,  and how God used it all. Not one part of Paul’s life was wasted. Even in his sin God made sure that it would later be used to glorify Him.

How can I obey? We all have a little Paul in us I think. A little “I think I know it all” till God comes along and reveals Truth to us. How can I be humble enough to ask God what it is that I think I know but really don’t understand at all?

Also where is God calling me to share my ugly past to give God glory? Paul wasn’t afraid to say, “I’ve done a lot of wrong things, BUT God….”

Am I willing to do that? Are you?

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