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Friday, January 4, 2013

Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts

There is a release that comes from writing. When I was 13 and my mom was sick with cancer and I was lost, my mom took me to a therapist. She suggested journaling. I’ve been writing ever since. I could write things that I could not speak. I could write them and be freed from their grip on me.

My dad is dyslexic and while reading a good story was never something I saw him do. He can tell a story better than anyone I have ever heard. I hope to write some of the stories he has shared here. They are good ones. Some very funny, some very sad. A truly great story teller.

My mom was an avid reader, as am I. I think one of the reasons I loved to read was because I saw how much my dad and sister both wanted to but never could. I would read to my sister for hours. She loved it. It is also how I got to be nominated to be in my first play.  My teacher chose me because I would have each character have a different voice. Thus started my love of acting.

It’s funny isn’t it? The hard things showed me my gifts. I would not have known how to write if it weren’t for the therapist I had to go to because my mom had cancer. I would not have loved to read had I not had a sister and dad who could not. I would not have been an actress were it not for reading to my sister and her begging me to “do the voices”

There are gifts that come from the hard things.

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