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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grace and Peace

Grace and Peace
Galatians 1:1-14

Interesting that Paul uses Grace and Peace as a greeting. According to my notes Grace was a Gentile greeting, while peace was a Jewish greeting. In these two words he brings them both Jew and Gentile together. Grace and Peace is what the gospel is all about.

Apparently there was some trouble happening with the church at Galatia. They were being told about another gospel. Paul was reminding them who he was in Christ and that his message was not sent to please them but to please God. Paul was not in it for the popularity. He was not in ministry to: please people, have no pain, or have anyone really like him as a person. Which is funny because some of Paul’s adversaries were saying he was just saying things to please people because his emphasis was not on keeping the laws. Paul tells this crowd, “hey I was the biggest law keeper there was BUT God revealed a new way.”

How can I obey? My ministry should not be based on getting people to like me. That is not my goal. My goal like Paul should be: total loyalty to Jesus Christ and helping them get connected to Him.

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