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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mommie Angels

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine who is now a new mom, she was saying how great it is to be a mom, but how it's kind of scary with money, and things, this was a story I told her and when I got finished I thought you might like it too. kind of funny 
I remember the first time I realized that Kendall and I were going to make it, it was a horrible day, I had to take him to a doctors appointment and then I was going to go to Target to pick up some things, it was our first time out. So our first stop is the doctors office, it's downtown Louisville, and I had to park in a parking garage. Kendall sleeps the whole way there and I'm thinking, "okay I can totally do this"  So I park  get out of the car and get my brand new never been used stroller carrier combo. For the life of me I could not figure out how to get the thing to unfold, I'm looking like a maniac wrestling with this **** stroller in the parking garage. I start crying, Kendall starts crying, I'm thinking, "Oh forget it I'll just carry him in" When out of nowhere this angel comes over with her two toddlers and one baby in her stroller and says, "Honey do you need some help" I say, "YESSSSSSSSS" She reaches over and with one finger pushes the magic lever and out pops my stroller. I start laughing and think, "okay Lord that was humbling" 

 So then we go to the doctors appointment everything is fine, and I manage to get the stroller to fold back up to put it away, I'm doing good. THEN we go to Target. I get Kendall in his carrier and attach it to the Target shopping cart, okay we are good to go. I do my shopping, I go back out to the parking lot and I CANNOT figure out how to get this carrier unattached to the shopping cart, I'm pulling, I'm yanking, I'm poking everything I can poke. I start thinking, "okay what is my option here, I can just leave the shopping cart with the carrier attached to it and take Kendall out, but then he won't be in a car seat, okay can't do that, and I can not fit this shopping cart in my car, what am I going to do????" I start freaking out. The crying starts. I mean good grief what kind of mother am I that I can't even take me kid out for one day without some sort of catastrophe happening. Then another mommie angel was sent my way, "Mame do you need some help?" YESSSSS I say. One little flick of her finger and my carrier with my darling screaming child has been released! I go home with Kendall screaming the whole 30 minute drive vowing that I will never leave my house again, that I am in fact the stupidest mother to ever grace the planet. We get home I lay Kendall in my arms and rock him to sleep and I look at that sweet perfect little gift and know that I will do anything for this little guy and that we are a team and we got through that day that we would get through another. And we did, and we have had soo much fun doing it. I said all that to say this, "Don't be afraid of the times that you don't know what the heck your doing, just wait for God to send you a mommie angel to let know with the flick of one finger how to do it all"!!!

I'm so glad you get to be a mommie. It is the hardest most fun, job you'll ever have.
Here are some tips: Go to the dollar movie instead of the 8 buck a ticket movie. Go to the library to rent movies they are free. Huggies diapers are the best, especially for boys. Get into a play group,
Here is my take on the whole money thing, I drive a 1993 PAID minivan, it doesn't look that great but it gets me around, and lately it has this new feature when I hit a bump the radio station changes, if I hit a really big bump it changes from FM to AM... the kids think this is a hoot, I on the other hand find it a little annoying, but oh well, it's paid for!! We don't have the biggest, fanciest house on the block, but we got a 15 year mortage and it's the nicest house I've ever lived in. You could not give me a million dollars for the memories I have with my fellas, I was the one. I was the one who did it all, and I wouldn't trade that for all the status in the world.
Love and God Bless,
Your crazy Mommie friend

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  1. Denise this was awesome! Good job can't wait to read your next post.