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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Oldest and Boldest

The Oldest and Boldest

My oldest son Kendall has always also been my boldest.  When he was two years old as we were standing in line at the grocery store he told the lady in back of us, “Jesus got owie’s in his hands and his feet for all the people.” The lady smiled and Kendall just kept right on witnessing to this woman the whole time we were in line! And it wasn’t the only time!

When he was little we lived on a dead end street in the country. I would pack him and his brother in the double stroller and some of the neighbors and I would walk up and down the street for fellowship and exercise. Kendall was probably 3 and we were on our strolls. One of the neighbors kids was about 16 and he was little rough around the edges. On this particular day it was hot, and this fella’s face was really red. As we walked past his house Kendall said, “Hey, Hey you!” The kid came over and Kendall asked in a very serious voice, “Are you da debil?” translation: Are you the devil? His parents were standing near by and starting laughing and they responded, “Sometimes we think he is too, Kendall!”

Oh boy! Thank the Lord they laughed!

I am not bold by nature. I hate conflict and avoid it like the plague. I wish I had a little of Kendall’s boldness sometimes. 

What quality in your kids do you admire?

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