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Monday, May 13, 2013

To Do List

To Do List:

  • Make appointment for Jack to go see new orthodontist.
  • Call dad
  • Take the dog to get his nails trimmed
  • Make dish to take to church graduation

These are only four items on my to do list for this week. There are at least 20 things that are not listed. None of them are bad things. All of them in fact are good things…if I don’t get the dogs nails trimmed soon he is going to be featured on one of those horrible Sara Mclachlan commercials with the singing “In the arms of the angels…”  yea you know the one! I digress. Which is what usually happens when I have a zillion things on my mind. I end up digressing all the time and never finishing anything!

I need my quiet time. Time to sit at Jesus’ feet and not think about that stinkin, never-ending to do list.  God knew what he was talking about when he commanded people to rest in Him. He knew what he was talking about when he said, “Be still and know that I am God.”

He knew it. I know it. And yet, how often do I obey? Is it easier to check off a list than it is to rest in Him? I had a friend say to me once when I questioned her about resting in God. She asked, “How do you do that?” She was genuine. How many of us are?

Do we even know how to rest in Him? God has not moved. He is not a God who is far away from His people. But we get so distracted with life and everything we think we have to do that we block Him out. How often is there silence in your home? The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. Most of the time He whispers. Are we too loud, too busy, to hear Him?