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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sweaty, Stinky Stuff has overtaken my home.

Sweaty stinky stuff has overtaken my home. My home where I love to have nice smelling things like candles, cookies baking, and even fresh cleaning supplies smells are the ones I prefer. But nope I have a 12 and a 14 year old sons.

The oldest has his own smell. The dreaded soccer stink. I know this may sound far fetched but I think mom’s would agree, each sport has it’s own smell. Kendall’s shin guards smell like male cat urine. I was at a soccer game the other day and heard one of mom’s telling another mom that she had found the cure for the stinky shin guards, I leaned in to listen. She said, “Put them in the freezer.” Ummmmm…. Yea I don’t think I will be trying that one. The last thing I want is for my steak to taste like soccer shin guards!

Then we have the nice “gone to the lake all day” stink. This one I much prefer over the soccer stink. This one has an earthy tone to it.

Then there is the younger son’s walked home from school on an 85 degree day stink. Not as bad as soccer but worse than gone all day at the lake.

Here is the thing. I am learning to be grateful for the stinks. I have a boy healthy enough to play soccer. The memories we make at the lake I wouldn't trade for the world. And the younger son’s walked home from school in 85 degree heat stink is nice as well, because when he comes home and lays down on his bed and I take off his stinky socks and lay on his bed with him to hear all the details of his day, the stink goes away and is replaced by memories made.

There will be a time when my home won’t smell of boys anymore. They will be grown and gone and I bet I will long for the stinky days.

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