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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Diving board life

My life is like a kid jumping off a diving board right now. It is exciting, exhilarating, scary, and fun. I have multiple projects going on. They are all great things. I am coordinating a women's retreat, helping with a group of middle school girls, organizing a prayer team, being a soccer mom, and lots of daily stuff that everyone does.

When I take my boys to the pool that has a diving board at first they are a little timid about climbing the ladder, walking out on the board, and then taking the first step off the board into the water far, far below. Then their head pops up out of that water and they are running to get back up that ladder and do it again. That's how I feel. I just had my first successful team meeting for the women's retreat which will happen in 9 weeks, and today I am getting back on the board to plan for a Middle School Girls night at my house on Sunday. It's exciting, and fun and I pray I don't belly flop, but if I do I'll just do the same thing I tell my boys, "Ouch I bet that hurt, you okay? Alright well get back up there and do a Pencil this time!"

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